How do you start a trend?
Take the Birkenstock. It was on a hippie’s un-pedicured foot a year ago and now it’s on beautiful brown feet the world over - worn with a touch of irony and a fabulous baggy pant. Someone was responsible for making that happen.

That’s Power (dressing).  

Thing, trend, whatever you want to call it, they seemingly start from nowhere and spread everywhere at an uncontrollable rate.  Trends have gone viral and we’re all susceptible. Then, before you know it it’s gone, finished, caput, and we have moved onto something else.

There are some trends that are always trending. I call them, timeless trends. French for instance - never goes out of fashion. Purely because; FRENCH IS FASHION. You heard it first my trend friends, French is always trending.

Peace, love and Croissants on your head – (cause that’s a new trend that I just started…right NOW).


Let's hear it for the athletes.
Let's hear it for those ski bunnies.
Let's hear it for the uniform designers who clearly weren't sure what to do.
Let’s hear it for that missing Olympic circle. #fail
Let's hear it for the internet and it’s list of #sochiproblems - #hilar
Let's hear it for an event which resembles sweeping and polishing. #curling
Let's hear it for the Polish, the Italians and the French.
Let's her it for Apr├Ęs Ski, cause that's the event for me.


I love that you

1.    Always just know what I’m feeling.
2.    Make the bed. 
3.    Love midweek Karaoke.  
4.    And GIRLS re-runs.
5.    Don’t judge me when I’m hungry and or emotional.
6.    Never make me watch a film about robots or cars
7.    Don’t have a footy team.
8.    Put clothes before bros.
9.    Never steal the blanket.
10.   Always put me first.

Happy Valentine’s day to moi.



Dear Twiggy,

I write to you with a request, an invitation, an honour; to Be My Vintage Icon.
Your grace, your style, and of course, THAT haircut.

Twiggy, you had it all, and you lived in a time of martinis and swinging parties. 
I’m nostalgic of that era even though I wasn’t even a glimmer of a thought in my boho parent’s minds.
Your mini skirts and Mary Quant prints remind me of a dear blogger friend, Tavi. That girl’s got style too. #heyurlikewoah
And I must admit, my oversized shades were completely #DUI (Dressing Under your Influence). I was wearing them before the Olsen’s brought them back to fashion. 
You were a fashion pioneer Twiggy, and my Vintage Icon.  

Perhaps it’s time I did it too Twiggy. Take my look to the next step.
Do you think I, Chippy should loose the Blogger Bun, and do the Chop?

With love and adoration.