I’m calling a truce. Yes, It’s time for peace.
Like all ongoing battles, it’s hard to recall why exactly it all started, but I’ve finally had enough of the misplaced aggression towards… Avocados.

The Avocado - once a beautiful element to many salads, a hit in the 80’s when halved and filled with prawn cocktails. The perfect breakfast side dish. So why is it, that cafes everywhere are insistent on smashing our old friend the Avocado?

Smashed Avocado on sour dough.
Fritters with a side of Smashed Avocado. 

What did the Avocado ever do to you to justify such aggression? (Other than the usual confusion whether it’s a fruit or vegetable)

Maybe this need to smash the avocado came when they were labeled a ‘fat’ food. “Oh, Avocado, no thanks it’s full of fat.” But we all turned back to the avocado when it was reveal that it was in fact, a ‘good fat’ (best phrase ever)

So I vote we end the aggression, we stop the smashing and start the loving. Join my campaign #nomoresmashedavocados