One of my Chip Chop! Faves - 'today i'm wearing' tee

Blogger royalty, front row at fashion week

Mum's vintage pics from Paris - J'Adore!

My Chip Chop MUST have this season...'This Old Thing'

So I totally get, the aptly named ‘bloggersphere’ is a pretty strange phenomenon, and I don’t take it for granted.

As a blogger, I really didn’t want to be just another clothes rack - if you know what I mean. 

I plan to reach higher heights with my blogger bun and spread more than just my peace sign across to sphere. Striking a pose is one thing, but striking up conversation is another. #statement

We all love the big brands, but what I love even more are the little guys. The business who are willing to put their own unique stamp on fashion.

I speak from experience, as here I am as the ambassador of this #amaze Melbourne boutique brand Chip Chop!

I’m actually in love with the latest Chip Chop! range - #todayimwearing inspired by Bloggers! #omg
Chip Chop! is famous for their witty phrases and often tongue in cheek humour.

Check out one of my #faves #todayimwearing 'this old thing'. It’s vintage. My mum bought it in the 70’s at a flea market in Paris. 



Can I take a moment to quickly mention cats on the internet. #hilarious.

Talk about something trending.

When historians looked at the etchings and wall paintings from ‘ancient’ times, they came to the conclusion that cats were in fact considered to be Gods by the Egyptians.

Lets say future man – from an era with iPhone876s, stumbles across relics such as my phone #vintage, browsing through my instagram, facebook feed and searches history on the internet, I’m pretty sure they would come to the same conclusion.

Yes, Cats are in fact our gods. Or perhaps the Egyptians just saw how funny they were to start with.  #justsaying

My conclusion – Egyptians were the first #catfans, posting it all over their walls. #egyptians_had_it_right

Oh and PS: I heart my cat Prada.

Til next time,
Put your shoe forward.


This photo was taken by me on my recent trip to Paris. Peace.

I write poetry in my spare time. This is one of my many musings.

Bonjour! I'm Chippy van der Chop, #blogger extraordinaire, #fashionista and the new ambassador of Chip Chop! #omg
If you're new to my blog, and want to get to know me a bit better, you can read my little bio on the right hand side. ---------------->
There's so much I want to tell you and share with you. But to get to know me in an instamoment here are some quick answers from my recent Chip Chop! interview:

CC: How did you become a blogger?
Chippy: Well, I have a passion for fashion, obs. I also come from a long line of avant-garde and very niche female bloggers - so you could say I was practically blogging from the womb. I believe I just followed my destined path. I contacted my A-List friends, bought a Nikon, perfected my peace signs and large-latte-holding-skills, adopted my signature heart shades - et voila - Chippy, The Blogger was born.

CC: What is your fashion passion?
Chippy: Red kicks and red heart shaped shades are my go-to uniform.
#Stripes were my first passion, which I controversially matched with spots. Hello, #powerclash. I was ahead of my time.
CC: Who do you admire?
Chippy: I admire Anna Wintour, but I don’t want to be her. She’s got more issues than Vogue. #lol But honestly, I find Miss Piggy my inspiration. I envy her curves and her 'joie de vivre' #whatawoman

CC: Do you have a favourite food?
Chippy: I heart #croissants, and I’m not afraid to eat them.

CC: What are you famous for in your circle of friends?
Chippy: My one liners. #luvchippy

CC: What do you think about becoming the Chip Chop! ambassador?
Chippy: #honoured
Chip Chop! shares the same values that I hold close to my heart. They make fashion that’s fun! (why so serious?) They like colour and words and they have their own style and I respect that. And just like me, they’re a little bit French.

Til next time,
Put your best shoe forward.