Bonjour! My name is Chippy van der Chop. Chippy for short. And I have a passion for fashion, obviously. The blogosphere is my universe.

I come from a long line of avant-garde and very niche female bloggers; my great grandmother blogged about fromage and hors d’ouvres, my grandmother blogged about Amish quilting and Guatemalan straw products and my mum blogged about Vintage Parisian flea markets. So you could say I was practically blogging back in the womb.

Mum’s blogging was #oldschool style. She would make incredible collages of all things stylish, and would even cut out pictures of delicious meals. She was totes the original instagrammer. Oh, and she’s a little bit French. So fashion was practically running through my veins, and though I have been told I have the look and physic of a model (merci!), I’m definitely not tall enough.

So I perfected my peace signs and large-latte-holding-skills, adopted my signature heart shades - et voila - Chippy, The Blogger - was born.

My BFFs are Miss Piggy, Daria (but she can be a bit of a drainer) Ashley Olsen, Tavi & Chungy. We do Karaoke nights on Thursdays - when we are all in town- but Daria always chooses Radiohead (#suicidal). Yeah, we are the IT girls. It’s fun to be us. But I also like Lois, my local dry cleaner – she has an old school work ethic and Ken at the post office – he’s very efficient. I really respect postal workers. It’s important to keep it real. Don’t ever think you’re better than someone just cause they don’t wear good shoes. They obviously don’t read my blog. Maybe they don’t have Instagram? Have empathy.

#Stripes were my first passion, which I controversially matched with spots. Hello, #powerclash. I was ahead of my time. I also love #croissants, and I’m not afraid to eat them.

I admire Anna Wintour, but I don’t want to be her. She’s got more issues than Vogue.

I’m nostalgic for all things of the past, which can often extend beyond my years. I’m then, I’m now, and I’m ready for tomorrow, today.

And then Chip Chop! poked me on Facebook and I was hooked. They share the same values that I hold close to my heart. They make fashion that’s fun! (why so serious?) They like colour and words and they always write lovely notes to me on their fresh With Comps slips. They have their own style and I respect that. And just like me, they’re a little bit French.

My blog, WHO GIVES A BLOG is my outlet, my visual diary and my fashion nutrition. It feeds my very hungry fashionista soul (and though I get criticized for having a ‘stick figure’ physique, I assure you, living in France from the age of 16-18 taught me the importance of the finer foods in life, not excluding bubbles, Moet, yes please!) I diverge.

My blog has also opened many doors for me, enabling me to access some of those exclusive little corners of the fashion world, which were traditionally reserved for magazine execs. Now we’re all VIP’s #amaze

I’m somewhat famous for being able to be in two places at once. I guess it’s my #fomo, I mean, you miss the wrong fashion show and you’re yesterday’s news. It’s a blog-eat-blog world. For reals.

And that world is at my fingertips, and I intend to click, post and hashtag my way to where I want to be. #watchthisspace

What I’m watching right now
GIRLS, totes the best TV I’ve ever seen. @lenadunham is a genius, clearly the voice of a generation. 

Who I admire right now
Bill Cunningham, the man has a vision like no other (not to mention being able to rock a blue poncho through every fashion trend) He snapped me when I was in New York last year #omg

What I hate right now
Birkenstocks. Who in the fashion universe decided they should come back!? Is this some kind of power-trip-joke? #notfunny

What I’m passionate about right now
Local designers and businesses. There is so much to be said about what is in our own backyards. Sure, I love the big 3, Paris, London and New York (not to mention Milan) and but there are some incredible local faces and places which are truly creating styles worth following.

Who am I following right now Suki Waterhouse – she’s next on my bff list. Serious girl crush. And serious real life crush on her boyfriend- Bradley Cooper #drool

Fave Buzz word

Hated Buzz word
‘Bespoke’ and 'nom nom' #cringe

Fave Hashtag

Who are my fashionista-sistas?
Tavi and I hit ‘the scene’ at the same time, but you couldn’t see me behind her giant bow! LOL! Kidding, respect, that was a genius move. Luv U @tuvi #mwa #bffs I love a night out with Chungy (Alexa) when we find a moment in the same city. She even featured me in her new book (pg 98). The girls got style. We’ve got a lot to talk about. Obs.

What languages do I speak?
English, French, Japanese and wingo* *that’s a term I coined myself. It comes from web-lingo – everything from abbreviations, clever hashtags and anything blog related. I’m pretty sure it’s on urban dictionary now. #totesfamous

What’s my motto right now
‘Put your best shoe forward’.

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