Our date was just like a scene out of Roman holiday - così romantic!

When in Rome... pizza in Pisa literally!

Be Mine, Stefano Gelato - #swoon

All shades of delicious - #newgelatoobsession

Gelato, check, pantheon, check...


When in Rome, I met an Italian stallion – let’s just call him Stefano Gelato. 

Anyway, we went on a hot date to the Colosseum, I made a wish at the Trevi Fountain and then he took me out for Pizza at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. Checkered tablecloth. A bottle of Red. It was the most romantic meal of my life. 

He drove me back to my hotel on his scooter and as I walked away he asked if we could be Penne Pals.  

We still keep in touch. Last I heard, he’s got a new girl, Margharita. Ah the Italians are a sexy bunch. 

So this one’s for you, Stefano: CIAO SEXY PIZZA!



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