One of my Chip Chop! Faves - 'today i'm wearing' tee

Blogger royalty, front row at fashion week

Mum's vintage pics from Paris - J'Adore!

My Chip Chop MUST have this season...'This Old Thing'

So I totally get, the aptly named ‘bloggersphere’ is a pretty strange phenomenon, and I don’t take it for granted.

As a blogger, I really didn’t want to be just another clothes rack - if you know what I mean. 

I plan to reach higher heights with my blogger bun and spread more than just my peace sign across to sphere. Striking a pose is one thing, but striking up conversation is another. #statement

We all love the big brands, but what I love even more are the little guys. The business who are willing to put their own unique stamp on fashion.

I speak from experience, as here I am as the ambassador of this #amaze Melbourne boutique brand Chip Chop!

I’m actually in love with the latest Chip Chop! range - #todayimwearing inspired by Bloggers! #omg
Chip Chop! is famous for their witty phrases and often tongue in cheek humour.

Check out one of my #faves #todayimwearing 'this old thing'. It’s vintage. My mum bought it in the 70’s at a flea market in Paris. 


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