Can I take a moment to quickly mention cats on the internet. #hilarious.

Talk about something trending.

When historians looked at the etchings and wall paintings from ‘ancient’ times, they came to the conclusion that cats were in fact considered to be Gods by the Egyptians.

Lets say future man – from an era with iPhone876s, stumbles across relics such as my phone #vintage, browsing through my instagram, facebook feed and searches history on the internet, I’m pretty sure they would come to the same conclusion.

Yes, Cats are in fact our gods. Or perhaps the Egyptians just saw how funny they were to start with.  #justsaying

My conclusion – Egyptians were the first #catfans, posting it all over their walls. #egyptians_had_it_right

Oh and PS: I heart my cat Prada.

Til next time,
Put your shoe forward.

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