A closet full of clothes & nothing to wear!

She used to be farmer.

Dress-ups with my cat Prada

So I just finished watching Clueless for the billionth time - like duh! Cher Horowitz is my idol. We should totally be #bffs. 

Clueless is my go-to happy film. And Cher was totally a blogger in the making – just without the technology at hand. 

Though, she did have that #amaze program (preceding Photoshop) which allowed her to see what she looked like in each outfit without having to change clothes #genius.

I’m still doing it the #oldschool way and covering my bed, floor and sometimes my cat, Prada, with endless attempted outfits.

So this one is for Cher, a classic quote transported from the 90’s and translated into the blogger world: 'She could be a blogger in those clothes...'


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