Happy 2014 readers! I hope you had a fab break. 

I went Glamping

It all started when my friend suggested we go camping.
Cute idea. I really like the idea of camping.  I have a pinterest board dedicated to toasted marshmellows, retro combis, crochet bikinis and sunsets.

I’m all up for being down to earth like when you bend down to lace up your new kicks. But I’m not pitching a tent and sleeping in a bag. I need basic necessities such as Coconut Water, Superfoods and Chanel. 

Later that day I was chatting to Chungy and she suggested we all go Glamping. It was the perfect compromise. 

Cut a long story short – we toasted marshmellows on our Smeg stove top, drank cold French bubbles while enjoying surround sound of the latest Beyonce album. There was even an indoor-outdoor shower with hot water and Aesop bodywash. Oh, and Pixie (Geldof) baked some very special cookies that had us in fits of laughter for 6 hours straight. Hashtag LOL. 

Getting down to earth was bliss. Y’all should give it a whirl, girls!

Peace love and blogs,

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