Chippy’s Sweet Australia Day #mate



I Come From The Land Down Under.

Yeah mate, I’ve grown up in this sunburnt country with the best of them – Kylie, Jason, Natalie, Miranda.

Though my parents whisked me away to Europe most Australian winters, my summers were spent swinging on the hills-hoist and munching on Golden Gaytimes.

Yesterday, as we celebrated Australia Day, the tradition continued, with a few stylish twists of course.

Dad’s tighty-whities #eww were replaced on the hoist, with strings of beautiful bunting, made from #vintage remnants my grandmother sent over from Paris.

Mum outdid herself with a giant golden gaytime ice cream cake and the world's first Pavlamington (pavlova-slash-lamington).

Australia Day is a time for us to return to those simple pleasures we loved when we were small. I was pretty in pink with my iced vovo in hand and pink jelly sandals on my toes.

Later that arvo, we went boogie boarding in vintage Coogee jumpers and rode home on kangaroos. It would be #unaustralian not to, right?

Next stop on the agenda, Bastille day, cause #frenchgirlsrock

Peace, Love and Blogs
Chippy x

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