How do you start a trend?
Take the Birkenstock. It was on a hippie’s un-pedicured foot a year ago and now it’s on beautiful brown feet the world over - worn with a touch of irony and a fabulous baggy pant. Someone was responsible for making that happen.

That’s Power (dressing).  

Thing, trend, whatever you want to call it, they seemingly start from nowhere and spread everywhere at an uncontrollable rate.  Trends have gone viral and we’re all susceptible. Then, before you know it it’s gone, finished, caput, and we have moved onto something else.

There are some trends that are always trending. I call them, timeless trends. French for instance - never goes out of fashion. Purely because; FRENCH IS FASHION. You heard it first my trend friends, French is always trending.

Peace, love and Croissants on your head – (cause that’s a new trend that I just started…right NOW).

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