Dear Twiggy,

I write to you with a request, an invitation, an honour; to Be My Vintage Icon.
Your grace, your style, and of course, THAT haircut.

Twiggy, you had it all, and you lived in a time of martinis and swinging parties. 
I’m nostalgic of that era even though I wasn’t even a glimmer of a thought in my boho parent’s minds.
Your mini skirts and Mary Quant prints remind me of a dear blogger friend, Tavi. That girl’s got style too. #heyurlikewoah
And I must admit, my oversized shades were completely #DUI (Dressing Under your Influence). I was wearing them before the Olsen’s brought them back to fashion. 
You were a fashion pioneer Twiggy, and my Vintage Icon.  

Perhaps it’s time I did it too Twiggy. Take my look to the next step.
Do you think I, Chippy should loose the Blogger Bun, and do the Chop?

With love and adoration.

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