Forget regrets, I went to the tattoo shop, and I got me some ink. 

Oui, Oui. It's been on my mind for some time now, and I finally found the courage tucked away somewhere deep inside my Chanel bag.

Thankfully, a nice boutique style tattoo parlour opened down the road from work. And yes, the ink used was totally #organic and derived from South American plant extracts #naturally

So after a complimentary vegan Gogi berry juice and a generous shot of Dutch Courage, I slammed my left ankle down and the buzzing began #notsofun

I am now looking down adoringly at the perfect little anchor carved into my olive skin, which will always be there for me to feel grounded and adrift all at once.

I'm going back next week to get 'maman' (French for mother) on my arm #jailhouse

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