This photo was taken by me on my recent trip to Paris. Peace.

I write poetry in my spare time. This is one of my many musings.

Bonjour! I'm Chippy van der Chop, #blogger extraordinaire, #fashionista and the new ambassador of Chip Chop! #omg
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There's so much I want to tell you and share with you. But to get to know me in an instamoment here are some quick answers from my recent Chip Chop! interview:

CC: How did you become a blogger?
Chippy: Well, I have a passion for fashion, obs. I also come from a long line of avant-garde and very niche female bloggers - so you could say I was practically blogging from the womb. I believe I just followed my destined path. I contacted my A-List friends, bought a Nikon, perfected my peace signs and large-latte-holding-skills, adopted my signature heart shades - et voila - Chippy, The Blogger was born.

CC: What is your fashion passion?
Chippy: Red kicks and red heart shaped shades are my go-to uniform.
#Stripes were my first passion, which I controversially matched with spots. Hello, #powerclash. I was ahead of my time.
CC: Who do you admire?
Chippy: I admire Anna Wintour, but I don’t want to be her. She’s got more issues than Vogue. #lol But honestly, I find Miss Piggy my inspiration. I envy her curves and her 'joie de vivre' #whatawoman

CC: Do you have a favourite food?
Chippy: I heart #croissants, and I’m not afraid to eat them.

CC: What are you famous for in your circle of friends?
Chippy: My one liners. #luvchippy

CC: What do you think about becoming the Chip Chop! ambassador?
Chippy: #honoured
Chip Chop! shares the same values that I hold close to my heart. They make fashion that’s fun! (why so serious?) They like colour and words and they have their own style and I respect that. And just like me, they’re a little bit French.

Til next time,
Put your best shoe forward.

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